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Eat Fit Firm - The 28 Day Eating Plan to reset, restore and renew your optimal health!

The Eat fit firm 28 day programme is designed to detoxify your system, reset your metabolism, restore essential nutrition and to renew your energy levels and mental acuity. It promotes sustainable weight loss, for those who wish to drop kilograms, and is anti-inflammatory – essential for long term health and well-being.

This is a medical programme developed by Dr Kim Prescott is based on the most effective nutritional and weight loss principles but is tailored to each individuals own management of excess weight, tendency to gain weight, causes of bloating, general health, current fatigue, inflammation, digestive issues, and lifestyle stress.

There are many factors that result in weight-gain and there is no”one size fits all” solution to reaching and maintaining a healthy goal weight. Although there are generic weight loss principles that apply across the population, there is no one solution for everyone so it is important to establish what works for your own body and personality in the long term. On the eat fit firm programme you'll receive a nutritional consultation with Dr Kim, who will assess your medical and lifestyle history, diet, metabolic type and blood group etc in order to design a personalised eating plan which is adapted specifically for you. --- In addition, nutritional supplements and booster injections may be prescribed by Dr Kim to help you achieve your health and wellness and weight loss goals.

The 28 day programme rolls out in 4 steps that assist in creating healthy habits and positive lifestyle choices.

Phase 1 – reset | Phase 2 – restore | Phase 3 – reintroduce | Phase 4 - renew

Days 1 to 3

Days 4 to 7

Days 8 to 14

Days 15 to 28

The first 3 days are all about packing in as many nutrients as possible with simple whole foods wherever possible. Common allergens and foods that commonly trigger are excluded. This stage allows the body to flush toxins, rest and recover.

The Restore phase still has a focus on whole foods and continues the nutritional boosting phase. Protein plays an important role and becomes more varied.

This is the most customised phase, and foods that are brought into the programme will depend on the direction you want to go: optimising your energy levels, weight loss or general well-being.

The Renew phase is about establishing an eating pattern that will work to lead you in a healthier, slimmer direction in the longer term.

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