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Slender Wonder Opening

It's time to treat the underlying cause of weight gain.

Dr Wade Merchant has recently launched Slender Wonder at Legs eleven Green Point, a proven Medical Weight Loss Programme that has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients in South Africa.

Here's the low down


What is Slender Wonder and what makes it unique?

Slender wonder is a Medical Weight Loss Programme that targets the underlying cause of weight gain and not just the symptoms of being overweight. It is NOT another kilojoule counting diet but rather a proven formula that is based on treating low Leptin levels in the body (a hormone made by the fat cells that regulates fat metabolism and appetite). It is unique in that it can help patients that have been struggling for months or years to lose stubborn fat, that didn't respond to other diet or exercise programs.

What does it involve?

There are three components to the Slender Wonder Programme:

  1. A low glycemic index diet
  2. Weight loss supplements and a daily shake
  3. A series of HCG injections to help break down fat and reduce cravings

This unique combination brings your leptin hormone levels back into balance, helping your body to metabolise stored "abnormal" fat for energy. The result is not only significant weight loss (Kg) but also major shrinking in centimetres, in a safe, controlled way.

slender wonder intro imageWho is the ideal candidate?

This program can be used in anyone that is trying to lose weight. From the patient that has that last 5 to 10 kg’s of stubborn fat too lose to the obese patient that has 50kgs to lose.

How long is the program and how much weight can I expect to lose

Depending on the patient’s starting weight, results have shown that most individuals lose up to 4 – 7 kg’s in the first month. (Results may vary & are patient specific).

While most people folow the program for 1-3 months, individuals with bigger weight loss goals can do it for longer periods with breaks under the guidance of Dr Wade Merchant..

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What is the Cost?

R2,650 for the first month and R2,500 for subsequent months.

What does the program include?

Our medical weight loss monthly program includes the following:

  • A monthly medical examination by Dr Wade Merchant
  • A monthly meeting and a weigh-in by one of our weight loss consultants
  • HCG injections for 28 days (including needles)
  • 2 booster injections
  • A daily shake
  • Daily supplements
  • Eating plans, recipe book & Information booklet
  • Guidance, motivation and support
  • An Aftercare (maintenance) program
  • Slender wonder online support group
  • Slender wonder phone app
  • There is also a National Slender Wonder Challenge, which you can choose to enter

Dr Wade Merchant and the Legs eleven team will help you set your weight loss goals and not only help you successfully start your weight loss journey but also keep you on track with regular weigh ins and monitoring of your weight loss and any other health problems you may have (e.g. cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure)

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HCG weight loss

What is leptin and how does the injection (HCG) work?

Leptin is a hormone that is made by the fat cells in your body. Its’ normal function is to stimulate a part of the brain called the hypothalamus where it regulates appetite and fat metabolism. In overweight people this function doesn’t work properly and they get hungry despite adequate calories and have a slower fat metabolism.
HCG is the daily injection that is given to patients on the Slender Wonder program. It is found in very small quantities in all people – but higher levels of HCG have been found to help with the breakdown of fat and with the suppression of appetite and cravings. This injection needs to be used in conjunction with the diet plan and supplements as they all work together to bring about a positive change in a person’s metabolism.

leptin resistance

What is leptin resistance?

Leptin resistance is a condition whereby the body doesn’t respond anymore to the leptin hormone. This occurs when there is an abundance of fat cells in the body (i.e. when people are overweight). Despite there being enough leptin (and in most cases higher levels of leptin than in normal weight individuals), the body doesn’t “listen” to the hormone anymore and we call this condition leptin resistance.
Because leptin is no longer able to do its normal job, these people are still feel hungry despite eating more than enough food and they are more likely to store dietary fat as fat in their fat cells. HCG reverses leptin resistance and allows the body to once again “listen” to leptin, suppressing appetite and helping your body to metabolise stored "abnormal" fat for energy, which activates weight loss.

Why is this diet so popular in South Africa?

Slender Wonder was developed over 40 years ago, by a South African doctor. With the advent of genetic testing (which can be done via slender wonder as well) we have found that a lot of South African patients have defective genes that increase the chances of becoming leptin resistant when these genes are combined with a poor diet and lifestyle.

Because Slender Wonder is based on HCG injections which reverse leptin resistance, the diet works very well in most South Africans with the genetic risk for becoming leptin resistant.

Are the injections safe?

During the 40 years of Slender Wonder there have been no major complications or side effects. HCG is naturally found in all our bodies and the dose that we use for weight loss is very low so it generally doesn’t cause side effects. There are only a handful of conditions where the injection can’t be used – that is the reason why you first need to see a doctor to receive the treatment and exclude these conditions.

The injection is not a male or a female hormone so it won’t affect menstrual cycles nor will it feminise a male patient.

Do I need to buy special foods?

No it is normal food you buy at a supermarket.

A friend of mine is using HGH is this the same as the injection?

No. “HGH” is human growth hormone. Most of the HGH used by people is done illegally and is sourced from non-medical individuals. Inappropriate use of human growth hormone can lead to medical complications.
“HCG” is human chorionic gonadotropin which is what is safely used in the Slender Wonder injections.

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In addition to weight loss, are there any other benefits to this diet?

Firstly, during the diet, exercise is not essential for weight loss. If you would like to exercise as a mood enhancer or for health reasons you can do moderate exercise 3 times a week.

Secondly, weight loss results in reversal of other health conditions like insulin resistance, high blood pressure, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome as well as joint and back pains.

Slender Wonder is a medically supported diet with multiple visits that allow both the patient, consultant and doctor to ensure that weight loss optimised at every point in the program.

What happens when I stop the diet?

The Slender wonder programme has been designed for lasting results. Ideally, once a patient reaches their goal weight they should move on to the maintenance phase of Slender Wonder – this involves eating a higher calorie diet, supplements, less restrictions and no daily injections. This ensures that the transition from the diet program to normal life is smooth - this can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. Once this period is over it is thought that the “empty” fat cells are changed into a different cell type that can’t hold fat anymore.

Once you've lost your weight and reached the maintenance phase, your leptin resistance will be reversed and your body will once again be able to “listen” to leptin – which means that you will have less hunger and cravings and you will deal with dietary fat in a healthy manner (rather than immediately storing it as fat in your body).

These two factors will make maintaining your goal weight, whilst following a healthy and varied lifestyle much easier This is what makes Slender Wonder different from other weight loss programmes.

Besides the maintenance phase, is there another option?

Yes! We can now do genetic testing (via Geneway laboratories) on patients - a cotton wool swab is rubbed on the inside of your cheek and is then sent to a lab to be analysed. The results guide us on the best diet for weight management as well as the correct supplements to use in that specific individual to maintain weight and prevent weight gain.
Genetic testing is a form of personalised medicine and it is the most up to date method of diet planning.

Contact Legs eleven Greenpoint if you would like to attend one of our complimentary slender wonder workshops, to find out more. Alternatively book your appointment with Dr Wade Merchant and start your journey to a healthier, and slimmer you.


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