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lipomassage sliderThere’s always one part of our bodies that we are not happy with. No matter how many sit-ups we do, or how many hours we spend on the treadmill, there’s simply no budging the bulge! Enter Lipomassage™. It’s a 100% natural, non-invasive way to permanently remove stubborn fat, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, which is normally resistant to exercise and dieting.

Studies show that cellulite affects an estimated 90% of women, regardless of shape, size, age or race. As one of the first FDA approved cellulite treatments on the market, Lipomassage™ offers women a new way to get back that smooth, fabulous figure, without any knives, tucks or recovery time.

The delicate balance between the production and elimination of fat, in the body, is a natural process involving fat cells, otherwise known as adipocytes. Despite adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the body’s cellular metabolism will inevitably slow down, resulting in accelerated fat storage. One will start to notice the appearance of unsightly fat deposits and cellulite, in specific body areas, such as your tummy, hips, thighs and those beloved love handles. At the same time, ageing, pregnancy and rapid weight-loss will cause the skin to lose density, start to thin and eventually sag.

Endermologie™ has long been the world leader in non-invasive slimming, body contouring and anti-cellulite treatments. The secret to Lipomassage™ is its ability to reawaken the cells responsible for weight loss, thereby directly activating the natural breakdown of fats, inside the very core of your fat cells.

Using multi-directional, motorised rollers, Lipomassage™ gently, yet intensively, conditions skin tissue, to slim down fat cells, revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate collagen and elastin production, which firms slackening skin. The thick, hardened tissue which traps your fat cells, is then softened, which allows resistant fat to be discharged and thus eliminated. Due to its patented multi-roller action, Lipomassage™ reaches where no other available non-surgical treatment can, to combat all the physiological factors which cause cellulite.

The ironic side of dieting is that your desired weight loss often comes at the price of your beautiful womanly curves. Before losing your saddle bags, you’ll lose your shapely bust, buttock and the cheek definition on your face. The advantage of Lipomassage™ is its ability to precisely target and treat specific problem areas. After a course of 6 to 12 treatments, you’re able to permanently transform your body, and lose fat only in the areas you want to. The result is a slimmer, more contoured body, smoothed out cellulite and firmer skin.

This advanced new technology has been scientifically proven in over 110 studies, to increase fat elimination (lipolysis) by more than 70%, after just 6 weeks, shrink fat cells and slim down resistant fat deposits. Collagen and elastin production is also increased by up to 240%, dramatically firming, tightening and improving the suppleness of the skin. After a single session, Lipomassage™ has also been shown to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by up to 300%. The new Lipomassage™ is your shortcut to a better body, without the risk or surgery.

At Legs eleven, every client is treated to their own personalised treatment plan, which has been designed according to their individual needs and budget. This innovative new technology can be tailored to your specific body morphology, simultaneously targeting specific problem areas, thus offering a highly customized and effective slimming solution.

Get ready to experience a relaxing, comfortable treatment session, which leaves your body looking and feeling slimmer, smoother, firmer, and re-sculpted!

Look good, feel good and get back the body you deserve.

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