How to pick the best peel for your skin!

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With the winter season upon us, now is the perfect opportunity to step up your skincare routine! Legs eleven has just launched Lamelle Research Laboratories peels at their salons and are here to help you brighten, tighten and clear up your skin imperfections so you’ll have that gorgeous glow by summer time. After all, summer skin is made in winter!

If a smooth, radiant and youthful-lookng complexion is what you're after, a light superficial chemical peel is definitely something to consider. Now we know the name might sound a bit daunting, but there really is nothing to be nervous about! In fact, professional chemical peels can safely work wonders on some of your worst skin nightmares, helping to improve everything from pigmentation, poor texture to fine lines and even acne! What’s even better is that process involves very little or no downtime!

Chemical peels speed up your skin's own renewal process removing old, damaged skin cells to make space for new cells to grow. Think of it as a “reboot” for your skin allowing fresher, healthier-looking skin to appear. It is one of the most common treatments used to correct specific skin concerns with proven visible results, so is perfect for women looking to renew, revitalise, restore and rejuvenate their skin.

But how do you choose the best peel for your skin?
Lamelle Research Laboratories has developed a range of chemical peels to address a variety of skin concerns, and they’re available at Legs eleven!

For mature skins: The Age Correction Alpha peel 

This Glycolic acid peel has been designed to treat and correct the signs of photoageing or sun-damaged skin. It improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, rough skin texture, poor complexion & epidermal hyperpigmentation, and requires no real downtime.

For those concerned about anti-ageing: The Age prevention Lactifirm Peel

The Lactifirm peel is a very light, superficial chemical exfoliation agent which provides skin firming and tightening with no downtime. It can be used by clients of all ages and skin types to improve skin hydration, texture, and complexion, giving you a beautiful “glow” effect.

For acne-prone skins: The Acne Correction Beta Plus Peel.

The Beta plus Salicyclic acid peel is focused on clients suffering from oily skin, congestion and mild to moderate acne. It degreases the skin, balances oil production, unclogs pores and helps clear up and prevent acne breakouts and blackheads. It also improves the appearance of large pores, epidermal pigmentation and minor acne scars. This peel is also suitable for drier and sensitive skins and requires no real downtime.

For those struggling with pigmentation: The Pigmentation Correction Beta Peel.

This Beta Salicyclic acid peel is designed to create a mild skin flaking effect and is focused on the treatment of pigment irregularities including solar hyperpigmentation, epidermal melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation conditions. Where indicated it may be combined with a mild TCA peel to treat deep seated pigmentation.

For best results, and to ensure that your skin is not harmed in any way, peels must always be performed by a professionally trained and trusted skincare therapist. Legs eleven’s experienced therapists are expertly trained in all of the Lamelle peel protocols. They offer clients a free consultation during which they will discuss your individual concerns, assess your medical & lifestyle history and perform a skin assessment in order to recommend the best peel for you. More than one peel type may be required to achieve the desired results, but your Legs eleven therapist will design a customised peel treatment course fully catered to your specific requirements.

Also critical to the success of your peel, is proper pre and post peel skin care. Your therapist will recommend home care products to prepare your skin for the peel and for post-peel use to prevent any side effects and ensure beautiful, long-lasting results.

For optimal results a course of 3 to 6 peels are recommended at intervals of every 2 to 4 weeks. Prices range from R390 to R650 per session depending on the type of peel with discounted package rates available. Take an active step towards better skin this winter by calling Legs eleven on 0861 324 752 to make your appointment at our Green point or Welgemoed branch today.

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