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Latest Revolution From Lamelle Research Laboratories Sets A New Standard In Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology

nourish range newWe're so excited about this new revolutionary anti-ageing skin care range from Lamelle - the only product to protect and repair cell damage at DNA level in the skin! Read more about this range below, and remember that you can purchase this range at Legs11 Green Point and Welgemoed!

By harnessing the power of an exclusive DNA damage-correcting enzyme, that accelerates the REPAIRand PREVENTION of damage inflicted to the control center of the skin – the DNA, Lamelle Research Laboratories has set a new standard in the form of their latest feat NOURISH. Never before has a product or range been available with the unique ability to enter damaged skin cells and directlyREPAIR DNA injury, re-establish normal cell function and PREVENT further damage. In essence, a true revolution in anti-ageing has begun.

Ageing of the skin begins at the moment of birth. Gradual changes in the structure and functioning of the skin accumulate over time driven by both the pre-determined speed of decline via genetics and accelerated by the harsh environment that we live in.

Noted from as early as 18 years of age, the first signs of premature ageing include fine lines, poor texture, photo-ageing caused by UV radiation and DNA damage brought on by exposure to the elements and general environmental influences, oxidative stress and free radical damage.

“To date skin care ranges have focused on the protect element as it relates to these elements of ageing, however the REPAIRING of DNA damage, remained an un-addressed element of accelerated skin ageing. It is this element that we have focused our efforts on and has lead us to this revolutionary solution that will make anti-ageing far more effective and thorough than ever before. This significant leap in anti-ageing dermatology that defines our NOURISH range.” Says Dr. Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director Lamelle Research Laboratories.

What is the Nourish Range:
The Nourish Range is a revolutionary anti-ageing skin care program from Lamelle Research Laboratories which offers both DNA damage PREVENTION and REPAIR.

Nourish offers multi-faceted skincare formulas which provide intensive doses of anti-ageing benefits to the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental insults which include UV damage resulting in indirect oxidative DNA alteration

Anti-oxidants in the form of Vitamin C and E as well as Astaxanthin assist in the prevention of scavenging of these reactive oxygen species (ROS) formed within the skin. These anti-oxidants are NOT capable of correcting any of the DNA dimers once they are formed.

Nourish contains an exclusive DNA-damage-correcting enzyme that will accelerate the REPAIR and CORRECTION of oxidative DNA dimers (8-oxo-G dimers). This mechanism of oxidative DNA correction is unique to the NEW Nourish range. This innovative enzyme in the NEW Nourish range reduces 8-oxo-G levels by 94% after 6 hours compared to untreated cells. Nourish has been created to address every aspect of skin ageing. Essential multi-vitamin blends, extremely powerful anti-oxidants, advanced hydration complexes, anti-inflammatory herb blends, luxurious skin emollients and DNA repair enzymes make the new Nourish skin care program from Lamelle Research Laboratories unrivalled in what it can offer in and anti-ageing skincare program.

NOURISH in a nutshell:

  • Nourish is a category leading anti-aging skincare range
  • First anti-ageing skin care range to target DNA damage
  • The only skincare range to REPAIR and PREVENT DNA damage
  • Innovative DNA enzymes – capable of entering damaged skin cells and repairing DNA
  • Returns normal cell functioning to damaged cells
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