Pigmentation Correction Secrets From Our Salon - The Lamelle Beta Peel! Featured

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Here's everything you need to know about the  Beta Peel in our Lamelle Pigmentation Correction treatment!

Follow Cheeky SA Editor Tasmin Simon on her Lamelle Pigmentation Correction Programme journey!

This light superficial chemical peel, contains Salicylic Acid (known for its anti-inflammatory properties) and is focused on the treatment of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Peels renew the skin by lifting old, damaged skin cells off the surface of the skin, whilst stimulating healthy cell growth underneath by removing the outer, damaged layers of skin, pigmentation irregularities are erased and a healthy, new layer of skin is revealed with is softer, smoother, and more radiant.

With a course of Beta Peels, you can achieve a significant improvement in uneven pigmentation and skin tone plus it also helps in the treatment of acne and congested skin:

  • This Beta Hydroxy Peel is superficial and light so there's minimal redness and only very slight flaking and dryness.
  • You can return to everyday activities almost immediately!
  • You'll see an overall improvement in your skin.
  • Improves skin radiance almost instantly! 
  • Acne breakouts and enlarged pores are reduced, and blemishes from acnes scars are less noticeable.

Straight from the salon treatment room, here's how we do it! We hope this explanation helps you understand more about this process and how it can really improve your skin.


1. SKIN CLEANSING:  The skin is cleansed with Lamelle tri-peptide cleanser to ensure that all makeup, skin products, excess oil or cell debris have been removed.

2. SKIN PREPARATION: The skin is degreased with Lamelle skin-prep to enhance peel penetration for more active peel results. Vaseline applied to sensitive areas e.g. corners of mouth, nose and next to inner eyes to protect them from the peel.

3. BETA PEEL APPLICATION: The Beta peel solution is applied with gauze quickly and evenly with a light wipe. It has a strong smell. With the Beta peel the heat rises quickly in intensity for 1 ½ minutes and then just as quickly it plateaus and then dissipates. The peel self-neutralises after 5 minutes. If required a second layer of peel may be applied.

4. PEEL NEUTRALISATION: The peel is neutralised with Lamelle Triactive solution.

5. MASSAGE: Lamelle neutralising wash is massaged into the skin to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin and neutralise any remaining peel residue.

6. RETINOL SERUM: Lamelle Retinol serum is applied to the skin to enhance the effect of the Beta Peel. It has a calming soothing, hydrated feel on skin and is left on for a minimum period of 8 hours, resulting in deeper stimulation and increased cell turnover.

7. BARRIER REPAIR CREAM: Lamelle Barrier Repair cream is applied to the skin to replace the lipid bilayer as this has been removed during the peel. This hydrating and soothing moisturising will nourish and protect the skin and should be applied morning and night post-peel until any dryness, tightness and flaking resolves

8. ANTIOX Sun 30: Post-peel it is very important to protect the skin from the sun with sunscreen.

RESULTS: Immediately post peel the skin may appear slightly pink in some areas which will subside within a couple of hours and the skin will be immediately smoother, softer and brighter. For at least 5 days post peel the skin may feel dry, tight and have mild flaking. Once this has subsided new healthy skin will appear that is hydrated, softer more refined in texture and more even toned.

Remember, success also depends on what you're doing every day, so make sure you speak to a Legs11 therapist about getting onto a good at-home Lamelle regime! We recommend a course of 3-6, each a month apart and advise our clients to do this in the colder winter months when they are less exposed to sunlight. 

Our therapists prescribed a variety of Lamelle products for Tasmin to use, in order to see even better results!

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