Exclusive: Inside Tasmin Simon’s Skincare Regime!

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We are collaborating with Lamelle Skincare Laboratories and Editor of Cheeky Mag, Tasmin Simon who is known for her flawless beauty you may have seen on her hugely popular Instagram feed. Tasmin is on a very specific skincare treatment plan at Legs eleven and we are going to dish the dirt on how she gets that "I woke up like this" look with Lamelle Skincare Laboratories treatments and at-home products.

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Tasmin’s Therapist Tiana Field, is treating Tasmin for Pigmentation:
Tasmin has some minor pigmentation spots that we are preventing from getting worse by following a good home-care routine. The most important thing for her to do, is keep her face out the sun as she is prone to pigmentation and sun spots. We are using Lamelle's Brighter concentrate to keep the melanocytes at bay and to stop them from releasing any more melanin/pigment into her skin.

We are also enabling the skin to protect itself more effectively by taking an oral supplement called Ovelle, which reduces the effect that sun exposure has on the skin regarding pigmentation and; pre-mature ageing. By reducing the appearance of pigmentation on the skinsurface and controlling any further release of pigmentation from underneath the skin, we'll completely see a more youthful glow on the skin.

What kind of skin does Tasmin have?
Tasmin has a very resilient skin that works well with the Lamelle range and in-salon peels. Our main focus is to keep away any active hormonal/ stress induced breakouts and maintain a healthy smooth skin with the Lamelle peels. We are also focusing on keeping the finer lines away by strengthening her skin with the Nourish range that helps to repair any DNA damage and prevent UV rays from ageing the skin too quickly. This Nourish range is amazing as it will also help to strengthen the skins cells and help to prevent sun damage which could lead to certain skin cancers. Thereby completely protecting the skin from our harsh South African Sun.

What home products Tamsin was prescribed and why  and how to use them?
The aim is to control the breakouts, help with dehydration, prevent ageing and to also manage the pigmentation areas that are present.

Clarity Active cleanser and Active control to manage the spots that surface and help them to heal and repair faster as to leave no scarring.

Corrective Brighter concentrate to manage the active pigmentation and keep away any inflammation and lighten the current areas of active pigmentation.

Ovelle D3 as an oral supplement to increase skin elasticity, improve hyperpigmentation and reduce the signs of ageing.

Nourish Revitalising Eye cream to minimise fine lines and repair any damage to skin tissue on the delicate eye area for morning and evening.

Nourish revitalising Cream as daily moisturiser morning and evening to help repair any DNA damage and strengthen the skin to slow down the ageing process.

Luminesce Brightening Defence SPF30, as wearing an SPF everyday is vitally important to prevent pigmentation, pre-mature ageing and protect skin from the harmful UV rays.

Our treatment plan at Legs eleven
We have Tasmin on an excellent home care routine followed by monthly peeling to help stimulate cellular renewal to speed up cell turnover, thereby improving skin texture and appearance externally and slow down the ageing process internally.

Tasmin has also shared a few of her beauty secrets that you may find will help you! Tasmin Simon’s Top Skincare Tips:

  1. I make sure that I drink at least 2 to 3L of water a day. This is not always easy for me so I always have a glass of water by my bed and when I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I pick up. Also, the winter months are a challenge for me when it comes to drinking cold water, so I substitute instead and drink hot water, sometimes with a slice of lemon.
  2. I am one of those, cannot function without sleep, kind of people! At least 7 hours of sleep a night is essential for me. I try my best to get that in.
  3. Formea healthy diet is all about balance and giving your body what it needs and sometimes what it wants. If I feel like chocolate then I’ll have a piece or two or three, but everything in moderation. I eat my veggies and fruits, and as well as proteins, but really I’ve learnt to listen to my body and what it needs from me and I always try to keep that balanced.
  4. Sun care is probably one of the most crucial parts of my daily routine. I have made the application of sunscreen something I do not leave the house without! It may have taken me a good few years, but I’ve realized how important sun care is in our daily routines.


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