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Cancel Your Wax Appointment!

Say goodbye to those painful and tedious wax appointments, and say hello to the most affordable and effective hair removal system for 2016! 

IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is a more modern, innovative light-based hair removal technology compared to laser. With IPL, the light beam is emitted over a broad spectrum of wavelengths, so a wider range of treatments can be performed safely and more comfortably across all skin types.

What are the benefits of IPL over waxing?

· IPL boasts up to 80-95% permanent hair removal success with long-lasting results, whereas salon waxing is a temporary hair removal method. 

· As a long-term hair removal solution, IPL comes out on top with being the most cost-effective option. Waxing may be less expensive up-front but very heavy on the pocket in the long term.  2 to 3 years of your waxing bills would have covered your IPL course.

· IPL saves time, after a course of 6-8 sessions at intervals of 2 to 3 months you are hair free for life. Waxing is high maintenance and time-consuming requiring monthly appointments for the rest of your life.

· IPL is a comfortable, gentle and virtually pain-free procedure, quite opposite to waxing which is painful and can be damaging to the skin. 

· Waxing commonly causes in-grown hairs whereby IPL is actually used to treat and prevent those nasty in-growns.

· IPL offers extra skin benefits such as improving skin tone and texture, whereas the skin damage caused by waxing can result in skin pigmentation and scarring.

· And lastly, when going for a wax, one’s hair must be long enough for treatment causing one to feel embarrassed in between waxes. IPL allows shaving in-between sessions eliminating that ‘hairiness’ before treatment. 

Here are facts about IPL Hair Removal..

The idea behind permanent hair removal using IPL is to destroy the individual hair follicles. Controlled pulses of light are absorbed by the pigment in the hair, and the heat is then transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed. Because the treatment is only effective in specific stages of the hair growth process, you’ll need a series of visits at set intervals to ensure you get the maximum result.

What kind of proof is there that hair body parts that has been lasered will never return again? Do you have any scientific evidence?

At Legs eleven we use the very latest generation of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, the Ellipse, clinically proven to remove up to 80-95% of unwanted hair after 6-8 treatments. It is one of the only IPL systems with scientific results published in respected medical journals, furthermore clinical studies show impressive long term results after ten years. Before and after photographs and clinical trial results can be viewed on the Legs eleven website

Because of the hair growth cycle (hair follicles go through resting and growing phases),100% permanent hair removal cannot be guaranteed with any light-based technology. Any remaining stray hairs that may appear over time will grow more slowly and will be much lighter and finer and easy to remove. Once a full course of treatments has been completed, customers may choose to have an occasional touch up session every few years or so.

On which body parts is IPL most successful?

Legs eleven’s IPL system can successfully remove unwanted hair from almost any part of the body, in both women and men. The most popular areas for ladies include underarms, bikini, legs and face. For men the most popular areas include back, shoulders, chest, neck and tummy followed by buttocks, arms and legs. The fastest hair clearance results are seen with the underarm and bikini area because of the shorter hair growth cycle.

What kind of skin/hairtypes will benefit most from IPL?

Unlike the laser and IPL treatments of the past, Legs eleven’s IPL technology is suitable and safe for all skin types (from European to African skin tones).  Our system has a specialised hand piece for treating darker skin tones.

With all light-based hair removal technology (laser and IPL), the lighter your skin tone and the darker your hair, the better the results. Clients with darker skin tones or lighter hair may experience a lower percentage of hair clearance and / or require more treatment sessions.

IPL targets the pigment, melanin; in the hair, so ‘true’ blonde, red and grey hairs are not treatable. In some cases clients may think their hair is ‘blonde’ when in actual fact it is a ‘light to medium brown’ and can definitely be treated. It is important to check the root of the hair because if it is dark, it can generally be treated by IPL. 

Because each client is unique, Legs eleven offers a free, no obligation, consultation where a therapist will assess the client’s skin and hair type and medical history, perform a skin patch test and design an individual treatment programme. Hair removal results vary from individual to individual depending on the skin type, hair growth, colour and thickness, area being treated, gender, age, hormonal status and medications.  

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