Raya Rossi's JourneyToSmooth!

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Stylist and blogger Raya Rossi of A Fashion Friend, is infamous for her bubbly personality, and it has been a pleasure to track her progress on her #JourneyToSmooth with Legs eleven!

She was initially surprised at how quick IPL is & can vouch for it been pain free post treatment! A sleek & smooth journey? Yes! Raya has already noticed that her hair is finer & can't wait to finally be completely fuzz-free. Legs11: What did you think of the Legs11 salon and thetherapists?
Raya: The girls at the Greenpoint salon are wonderful, they take the time to chat and check up on you after treatments. Legs11: What were you expecting before you had your first treatment? Were you afraid?
Raya: Yes I was very nervous. I was expecting it to be very painful and at least an hour process. Legs11: Have you noticed any changes yet?
Raya: Yes, the hair is already finer, and certain patches have maintained the hair loss a little bit. Legs11: How did you feel after the treatment?
Raya: Perfect. The pain does not last any longer than the treatment, once you are done you leave pain free. Legs11: What is your personal opinion on the price of IPL at R380 per area - do you feel that this is affordable?
Raya: I think this is totally an affordable hair removal method. Due to the big gaps in between treatments the monetary value is definitely worth it. Legs11: What do you think is the most positive aspect of IPL, in comparison to shaving or waxing?
Ray: After about a year of your treatments, your hair removal process is over. Start your #JourneyToSmooth with Legs eleven - your sexy pins will definitely thank you for it!

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