Bailey Schneider's JourneyToSmooth!

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Bailey Schneider on her #JourneyToSmooth!

Radio personality Bailey Schneider is on her #JourneyToSmooth with Legs eleven. She was more than happy to share her IPL experience with us, so that you can get a glimpse into what the process entails!

Bailey: "Legs eleven salon is really welcoming with their chic decor, and the therapists instantly feel like friends, with their knowledge about the product and hair removal. They have a great ability in making you feel comfortable - especially on the first few sessions, when you’re unsure if it will hurt or not.

bailey shneider

I was definitely nervous before my first treatment. I was expecting excruciating pain, but kept saying over and over: “No pain; no gain.” As I put on the goggles/glasses, I felt my whole body tensing with this anticipation. As she counted me down so that I could be ready, I kept waiting for the pain. I felt the tiniest little prick...and even then, the word “prick” sounds a lot more sore than what you actually experience. I kept asking her if she had started. Before I knew it she had finished. I was gobsmacked. It was so quick - done in less than 15 minutes and basically painless. I think we hear the word “laser” and immediately assume the worst in the pain department.

I am definitely learning about the hair removal process, how our hairs grow and especially how the darker the hair, the better the result. I am a natural blonde with light hair, so I have been informed that it may take a few extra sessions. I like that they tell you this upfront, so that you have realistic expectations. I used to shave my armpits every day and now I only have to shave every second day!

I absolutely believe that R380 is a great price. I think people hear the term "permanent hair removal" and expect to pay thousands per session. It’s also a great once off investment, knowing that the hair will be gone forever.

I love that after these sessions, I won’t have to book another wax session or shave under my arms again - what a great pleasure!"

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