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Journey to Smooth with Legs 11

ayandaWhat does Raya Rossi of A Fashion Friend, Bailey Schneider from 2OVFM, Zahrah Perry of The Perry Book, Kamini Pather of Masterchef, Brigitte Willers of The Jog Blog, Ayanda Tini and Tammy B from Good Hope FM, Kerry Brodovky from the Beauty Bulletin and fashion blogger Bilqees Baker all have in common? They’re all part of the #JourneytoSmooth campaign with Legs 11.


Compared to other forms of hair removal, IPL treatment is the least painful and invasive method of ridding yourself of unwanted hair, permanently!


#JourneytoSmooth shows how IPL hair removal treatment is able to work on a myriad of different skin and hair types and how each participant experienced the procedure for herself. Raya  Rossi of A Fashion Friend found the treatment to be swift and pain-free after the treatment as she explained to us;

“I was expecting it to be very painful and at least an hour process but the pain does not last any longer than the treatment, once you are done you leave pain free”.

Although she is only on the third session of her IPL course, she can already see the difference it has made; “The hair is already finer, and certain patches have maintained the hair loss a little bit. After about a year of your treatments, your hair removal process is over”.

The same can be said for fitness model and blogger Brigitte Willers. She has just started her #JourneytoSmooth and after only one IPL session she can already see the difference as she doesn’t have to shave as often as before;

“I have only gone once and I can say that I only shave once a week now and its really cool knowing after the second treatment it will be even less and then I am not even half way through all the treatments”.

The #JourneytoSmooth ladies are “smoothing” the way for absolutely anyone to enjoy permanent affordable hair removal that is relatively painless and shows off beautiful results, fast!

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